Remembering the good times we shared together

Our pets are our family, that’s why we owe them the best send off ever
while remembering all the good times we shared together.
At Cremate a Mate we always act with understanding and integrity.

The loss of a pet can be a tough time for you and your family. We're here to help make the process as painless as possible, and to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your pet has been well taken care of.

Cremate a mate pet cremations Wanganui

Individual Care Guaranteed

Your pet is cremated individually and the ashes returned to you in the urn of your choice. This method gives you the opportunity to memorialize your pet in a way that best suits your relationship and emotional needs. Many items can be personalized to best represent how your pet impacted you and your family’s life.

We Care

At Cremate a Mate Pet Cremations, we firmly believe that love and care for your pets should extend beyond just their life. Our pets are committed to loving us unconditionally. We owe them a debt of gratitude by ensuring that their goodbye is befitting of their loyalty to us. We promise to provide the care your trusted friend so deserves in the moments of their final farewell.

Our Services

Prompt Pickup and Returns
Picking up your pet from your home and returning the ashes at a time convenient to  you. Same day service by arrangement.

If you are out of town, we can arrange a suitable location.

Scatter Boxes & Urns
We can provide Scatter Boxes for your pets ashes or a tastefully appointed urn to memorialize your pet.

Compassion & Care
You may lay your pet in our tastefully decorated farewell cottage ready for cremation.

It’s our Guarantee - Your Pet is Individually & Privately Cremated

Family Owned by Bryce & Sandy Coneybeer

Bryce & Sandy are the proud owners of Cremate-a-Mate pet cremations.

It has been our goal to go the extra mile for our clients and we attribute our success of Cremate a Mate to our genuine love and compassion we both share for animal well-being.